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Here at Gateway we believe the Word of God can be trusted for every issue of life; therefore we center our lives around its life-changing truth. We hope your entire family is helped and encouraged by the Bible preaching and teaching, and Christ honoring music. We hope you not only find our people friendly, but also discover a place where you feel welcome and “at home”! We strive to be a friendly and loving family of believers who care and take care of one another. It is our desire to see families growing together in grace of the Lord.
Our Church was established in September 2000 under the leadership of Dr. John S. Dalton. In September, 2016 Pastor Farmer was called as the second pastor of Gateway Baptist Church. Building upon the foundation that the Lord used Bro. Dalton to set in place, we are laboring together to reach Clarksville with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is that in all we do it can be said “To God be the Glory.” For more information about our Pastor and staff click the link below.
On September 20th 2020, Gateway celebrated 20 years of God grace. A video was put together for the special occasion and gives a visual history of God’s moving over the last 20 years. We invite you to tack a few moments to watch this video by using the link below.  

Highlighted Ministries

 Below are few of the ministries we have at Gateway Baptist Church
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Sep 5, 2021
Lord Jesus Christ
"210905A Lord Jesus Christ".
  • Sep 5, 2021Lord Jesus Christ
    Sep 5, 2021
    Lord Jesus Christ
    "210905A Lord Jesus Christ".
  • Sep 5, 2021Psalm 19
    Sep 5, 2021
    Psalm 19
    "210905B Psalm 19 
  • Sep 1, 2021Psalm 41 part 1
    Sep 1, 2021
    Psalm 41 part 1
    210901A Psalm 41 part 1
  • Aug 29, 2021Broken to Pray
    Aug 29, 2021
    Broken to Pray
    "210829A Broken to Prayer
  • Aug 29, 2021Thou Are Near O Lord
    Aug 29, 2021
    Thou Are Near O Lord
    210829B Thou Are Near O Lord
  • Aug 26, 2021My Testimony: God’s Story- Bro. John Oleyar
    Aug 26, 2021
    My Testimony: God’s Story- Bro. John Oleyar
    210826A My Testimony God's Story- John Oleyar
  • Aug 22, 2021True Service
    Aug 22, 2021
    True Service
    210822A True Service
  • Aug 22, 2021Judas Also Knew the Place
    Aug 22, 2021
    Judas Also Knew the Place
    "210822B Judas also knew the place 
  • Aug 19, 2021Raising your Ebenezer- Bro Austin Brown
    Aug 19, 2021
    Raising your Ebenezer- Bro Austin Brown
    "210819A Raising your Ebenezer- Austin Brown". Released: 2021.
  • Aug 15, 2021Your Choice: Go or Say No
    Aug 15, 2021
    Your Choice: Go or Say No
    "210815A Your Choice Go or Say No". Released: 2021.













Gateway Baptist Church

The best way to connect with Gateway is by visiting us for one of our weekly services. We want to extend a personal invitation to you and your family to join us this week for church!



9:45 AM | Sunday School
11:00 AM | Morning Service
6:00 PM | Evening Service


6:45 PM | Gateway Kids
6:45 PM | The Way Youth Ministry
7:00 PM | Midweek Service

131 Corporate Drive
Clarksville, TN 37040
Phone: 931-494-6105