What Is the School of the Bible?
The School of the Bible is a Bible training program that helps believers to expand their understanding of the Bible and to be equipped for ministry in the local church. The school is designed for members and workers in local churches, including deacons, Sunday School teachers, youth and children’s workers, Bible study leaders, and many others who simply desire to deepen their Bible knowledge and increase their effectiveness in serving the Lord.
Who can enroll?
Enrollment is open to men and women who have a sincere desire to know more of God’s Word. No academic prerequisites are in effect. Students come from all types of backgrounds and professions. Enrollment is open to adults of all ages and also to high school Juniors and Seniors.
Admission Requirements
1) Adult students of all ages are invited to enroll in the School of the Bible. Also, high schoolers who are in their Junior or Senior year are welcomed to participate.
2) No previous educational experience or credential is required of students. Enrollment is open to all who have a desire to learn more of God’s Word and to be further trained to serve in God’s work.
Graduation Requirements
1) Students must complete all twelve courses offered through the School of the Bible in order to graduate and earn a Biblical Studies Certificate.
2) A student is considered to have earned credit for a course by his/her consistent attendance and participation in the class. Each class must meet for a minimum time period of forty (40) minutes, and must hold a minimum of twelve (12) class sessions per semester. A student receives credit for a class when he/she is in attendance not less than ten (10) of the class sessions.
Student tuition is $25 per course for each semester or $60 if student is enrolled in all three course in that given semester.
Classes are held once a week for 12 weeks each Tuesday evening. First class starts at 7:00 pm and the last classes will end around 9:10.
Student Notebooks
A beautifully-prepared Student Notebook has been designed for each of the twelve courses in the School of the Bible. The Student Notebooks is included in the student tuition fee. Each student will want to bring their Bible along with any pens and highlighters they may desire to use in notetaking.
For each of the twelve courses in the School of the Bible, a textbook is recommended in addition to the Student Notebook. Textbook acquisition is not mandated, but is strongly recommended to provide the student supplemental reading and instruction, and also to aid the student in building a personal Bible resource library. The following textbooks are recommended and are available through the Crown Bookshop (1-877-MY-CROWN):
The Christian Home –    The Christian Home by Clarence Sexton
The New Testament Church –  Becoming a First Century Church by Clarence Sexton
New Testament Survey 2 – Exploring the Scriptures by John Phillips
Upcoming Courses
This semester will run 12 weeks and begins February 6th.



              7:00 – 7:40                                         7:45 – 8:25                                                 8:30 – 9:10
The Christian Home
Clear teaching from God’s Word concerning God’s design for the home and for the Christian family. Helpful instruction is given in the areas of marriage and parenting. This course is beneficial also to singles who plan to establish a Christian home some day.
The New Testament Church
A study of the first-century church in the New Testament. Emphasis is laid on the biblical purpose of the church and on the involvement of each member of the body. Key topics are studied such as worship in the church and the prayer life of the church.
New Testament Survey 2
A survey of the books of the New Testament (Philippians through Revelation). The main theme of each book is highlighted along with other significant features including key words, key verses, and pictures of Christ.